claw-sion there, looks like somethings wrong!

you should purr-obably head back to the main page now!

please fur-get all about this page, okay?

i'm paws-itively sure you'll have a better time there!

cat's all there is folks!


paw-lease head back now, i'll even paw you the link again

help meow-t here and go back to the main page

you must be feline furry claw-ver now, huh?

how could i purr-suade you to leave?

more purr-ns?

it would be a cat-astrophe if someone saw you here

mew are really testing my patience

you're going to send me into mew-sery if you don't leave soon

i'll get hiss-terical

aren't you suf-fur-ing?

these purr-ns must be purr-ty unbearable

i litter-ally have no more purr-n's please go home